Rachel S. Michigan

Extensive use of political correctness in government and culture and the decline of rational.

A letter about the reasons rational and anti-political correctness should be worthy of advocacy.

Dear Future President, 

 In life, there are always subjects and ideas that will make people angry. The presidential election, racial tensions, LGBT rights, and economic issues. But one issue that is particularly immature and annoying is the amount of political correctness among millennials. One example shows how protests were sparked at a university when a professer de-capitalized the word indigenious in a students paper. The students claim it was deragotory, but the teacher said it was a simple grammatical error that was corrected. I know telling the truth and being blunt is hard, but it gets the deserved truth out, and can help people improve. I know you can't change peoples opinions, but if you can, please advocate for rational. 


Rachel Siegel