Noah Nelly Michigan

NASA Funding

The U.S government has not funded as much as they should into NASA and if they had, our space program would be way more advanced and what NASA is working on now would be done.

Dear Future President,

Space, a place infinitely bigger then what we live on today. Capable of holding the answer to many things we don't know, capable of having another planet that could contain life, capable of being the place we could go to if something happened to the Earth.

NASA should be funded more because space can be very useful to America and the world. Military funding is 30 times greater then NASA's, even a little more funding towards NASA wouldn't hurt. Also US military funding is almost 3 times greater then any other nations funding toward their military. Since 2010 the President has received 1 billion less than he has requested for NASA. This is ridiculous and something needs to be done.

NASA is being underestimated by the government, a little less funding toward the military and a little more toward NASA would only help our nation. Our space program would be a lot better and we will have greater knowledge of space and who knows what space could hold. A resource that gets this country out of our debt? The military would be fine, a little less funding wouldn't hurt at all our military is already super advanced.

In conclusion, NASA should be founded more and the military less, it's ridiculous how the government has underestimated space and how it could help this country. The military is advanced enough and it's not like it would stop advancing from a little less funding. NASA can be the future, it only needs the funding.

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