kenneth s. Michigan

climate change

climate change has a negative impact on the environment

Dear future president

Climate change has a negative impact on the environment. Climate change is the weather conditions over a short period of time. Climate change has been affecting us since the ice age.What we are going to focus on the negative aspects of the environment. The impacts include carbon emissions solar power and the glaciers.

The first impact is the carbon emissions.In the article Notes from undergrowth Election brief climate change Talks about some of the nasty things we are putting into the environment mainly the carbon emissions. ’’America promised to lower its carbon emissions by 26-28% by 2025 as measured by levels in 2005’’. We need to lower carbon emissions there is way too much in the atmosphere and environment that’s affecting us. Carbon emissions has a negative impact on the environment. The carbon emissions is also affecting the glaciers as well.

Another impact would be the glaciers. From the article from Humanity’s last stand:how can we stop climate change before it kills us it talks about the glaciers and how climate change affects it. ’’The loss of polar ice the Atmospheric and physics paper predicts,will flood many world’s coastline cities by the end of the century’’. So much ice being which is adding to the water levels will end up hurting us in the end. Glaciers definitely have a big impact on the environment. With the glaciers being effected the solar power has it’s own impact as well.

The final impact of this long journey is solar power. From the article notes from undergrowth Election brief climate change talks about climate change and solar power. ’’America now generates more than 3 times as much electricity from wind and 30 times as much from solar as it did eight years ago’’. America uses too much solar power which adds to temperatures around the world that could be toasting. That is why solar power impacts the environment.

As been the theme of the story has its negative impacts on the environment. Climate change has been happening since the ice age and been affecting people worldwide. Your call to action future president needs to do is lower carbon emissions. Too much carbon is being put into the atmosphere that’s been hurting us and the environment which is adding to global warming as well. Lastly preserve the glaciers as best you can the more fresh water the better. Hopefully with the statements given that the glaciers will stay and carbon emissions go down.