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Police Brutality

Police brutality is becoming a problem to where people are getting killed more often by officers. This is simply just information about the situation and my personal views on how to solve it.

September 27, 2016

Dear Next President,

Police brutality has never bee an issue, until 2015 summer came and it was a big conflict in society. Issues came up that led to tension between the police and citizens. Tension quickly led to police using unnecessary force. So this transitioned into police brutality.

According to the website copcrisis.com 1,297 Americans were killed by cops in 2014, 1,307 Americas were killed in 2015. This year in 2016, cops killed 852 Americans. Notice by the numbers I just stated, it is only getting worse, not better. You may say to yourself from 2015 to 2016 it decreased, but in reality 2016 has 3 more months to go until the end of the year. Therefor, the number will only increase, with that being said, the chances of the number going above the number of Americans killed in 2015, is very likely.

Americans are getting killed more and more each year. So it’s time to make a change in society. The subject of police brutality is too broad to specifically come up with a reason of why police brutality is happening. As I was reading a paragraph from a website called everydayfaminism.com, the overall article is about 5 infuriating facts about police and racist violence. This paragraph says, “All people of color are suffering from and have activists speaking out against criminalization and police brutality, and the opposition to the movement to support Black lives shows what a difficult fight this is.” As I was reading this I thought, maybe this is only targeted against certain races? Maybe one of the reason why police brutality is happening is because certain police officers, not all are going for certain races. This does not mean only African Americans are the only ones, there could be many other races too.

With all the negative tension built on this issue, there has to be a solution to the issue. A solution to this problem has not been resolved but ideas have been made about the issue and how to correct it. From a popular, unique, and fascinating site called letters2president.org, a letter written by Elizabeth Salinas, on the same issue, she says in her conclusion “ I propose for cops to get extra training on when to shoot.” I could not have put it into better words. I agree 100% with that solution. Another website, washingtontimes.com says in a article, “ Law enforcement and elected officials told a presidential task for Tuesday that police need better training to improve community relations and defuse the sorts of deadly, racially charged confrontations that have divided the nation for months.” Many sources agree on the same issue. Although both sources stated, “ better training,” training is not the only solution to this problem. There are other solutions to fix police brutality such as; body cameras, simply protesting to get there attention, police communicating more and many more.




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