Tamia L. Connecticut

School Lunches

We need healthy nutritious lunches

Dear Future President,

There is an issue around our school lunches that our students are facing every day. The school lunches are tasteless, unappealing, and even unhealthy. A healthy nutritious diet is extremely important for kids, our students IQ’s levels can drop by 6 points if not given enough nutrition. Our school lacks Omega Fatty Acids, Zinc, B vitamins, and protein which is needed in the brain development for young adults and children. It’s proven that our school lunches are high on fat, sugar, sodium, and processed food. These chemicals can cause diabetes, kidney stones, and heart disease. America is actually ranked as the 12th most obese country in the world. Our lunches are just not providing the children enough nutrition physically and mentally.

There are many stories of slop on a plate and bland food. When children are served food that does not taste good they simply don't eat it. Which I am one of those students, I go through the whole day without a meal. It’s hard to concentrate and focus on an empty stomach. But even students that eat school lunches suffer from upset stomach and fatigue because we are served processed mystery meat that contains MSG. This is the USDA fault, they deem some meat safe for consumption that fast food restaurants wouldn't even allow. Also we are served conventional food which means not certified organic ingredients and non-organic foods are sprayed with persistent pesticides. This can effect are health greatly over time.

We need to fix this issue and to do that we should have our schools or towns have a garden where we grow organic fruits and vegetables. People may argue that it may raise taxes but is spending less money worth our children's health? We are the future of this country and need nutritious meals so we can succeed not only physically but mentally. A healthy diet is the first step to a healthy life.


Tamia L.