Sharon A. Connecticut

Poem to the President

Animal Rights

Poem to the President

If you take a look across the street,

You’ll see a man who will not eat.

Not for the reason of choosing not to,

But simply because he didn’t get the interview.

Concerned for him, you may not feel,

There’s many just like him, what’s the big deal?

Hear him screeching like a disturbed seal,

For his dog next to him has not one meal.

Shaking paws from a quivering K-9,

The government is threatening to force a fine.

But what is that man going to do,

When he is struggling just searching for food.

Yes, we may have homeless shelters and homes,

He refuses to join; his dog will live alone.

Many people take animals for granted, they will neglect,

They will tear them apart, break their necks.

Others, however, give everything for their pets,

Spend hundreds of dollars, with no regrets.

So Mr. President, here’s what I’m trying to say:

Let’s create shelters for which humans AND animals may stay.