Madelyn R. Connecticut

Justice for All and All for One

a poem dedicated to justice for all

Justice for All and All for One

Why am I weary and most cautious around a person who’s supposed to stop all the evil?

Protect and serve

All the people.

I’m sorry I cannot take this pain anymore.

I cannot watch my people die because they’re black.

To watch people get hurt over something they cannot control

Isn’t something I can take at all.

My hands are up,

How can I harm you?

I’m on the ground,

How can I harm you?

I have a mental illness,

How can I harm you?

I’m cuffed,

How can I harm you?

I’m just trying to make some money for my family.

What was I doing so wrong, Officer?

I was reaching for my wallet,

That’s all.

Why did you shoot me?

Don’t shoot me with that Glock 22, please!

Land of the free,

But where is our freedom?

To protect and to serve,

But where is our protection?

Who do we call when the law is being broken by the law?

The ones who are supposed to protect and to serve

Are doing the unheard:

Killing us,

Then contradicting themselves.

Is it really our fault?

No remorse.

Sad, black faces all over social media.

From my heart to yours,

Justice for all and all for one!