Lacey V. Iowa

College Cost

The cost of college is affecting our future and the people who want to go to college but can't afford it.

Dear President,

Is the price of college really okay? Did you know that the average price of a four year college is about a quarter of a million dollars, and since the 1980s it has risen by about 945%? Subsidies bring down the costs of a product or service and when things are less expensive people demand rises which higher demand means higher costs. Two thirds of students don’t graduate in four years and 40% of students drop out. Many students graduate and take positions they could have earned without attending four years of college and without spending a lot of money. The price of college can leave an effect on other people's lives, but in order to find out more you have to keep reading.

The price of college is affecting people that want to go but cannot afford it and it affects their future. 40% of young people are not able to afford houses, 14% will delay marriage, and 27% will put a hold on health or dental care. It is a fact that 20% of people are having less kids nowadays because they are afraid they can not pay for them because of college loans.

Well, I care because I want to go to college one day and I have spent my life listening to my family say how hard it is to pay off college and taxes, other things like that, and then still be able to pay for your health and food. People that don’t go to college think it does not matter or affect them but it does. But you should really care because with people leaving college it is making college go down hill in a way because no matter if people are going to college more than people leaving it will affect the population of college. But more people say they can’t afford college then say they can by 83%.

Not all degrees guarantee a job so some people feel like they are going to college for literally no reason and many students will decide to drop out. The only reason I know this is because my sister in-law and my brother have had this problem. But it does not make any sense because where they graduated from they were looking for a job around there. This issue is turning the world around. Very few are able to pay for taxes and people are delaying these things and it can affect their way of living and their future.

A way that this can be fixed is we could offer people college insurance which would help fix the problem of not being able to afford dental and health care. You could bring down the price of the dorms for the people that have just started there and this could help with not being able to afford homes. It is also is not fair for people who are athletic to get a scholarship because if you were not athletic in anyway but were really smart and you could not get a scholarship how would u feel. We could start offering scholarships or lower the price a tuition to people that have a certain G.P.A., and this could fix the problem of people leaving.

College is a great thing but a lot of people are not able to afford it. The cost of college affects so many people lives and future. So many people are leaving colleges and starting their own business and others do not do anything and live at home with their parents because even though they dropped out it is still really hard to pay the loan off. We need to do something about this but we cannot without your help, so please just take some time thinking about it, thank you.


Lacey V.