Edward R. Connecticut

The Bloody Canvas Road

A time for change in America

Dear New President,

The American people are in great danger! As I witness the blood and gore of the American people being painted on the canvas of the concrete road and the action of misconduct taking away another person’s life unjustifiably, all I can do is watch and count another life deprived by the man in the blue badge uniform. As I watch these atrocities unfold, I see the media twist the story for their sick agenda and disregard police brutality being a main issue to every American citizen. Although I can acknowledge there are difficulty of being a police officer, there are cases which the police officer uses unnecessary excessive force towards the offender which may impact the well-being of the people they claims to protect.

Eric Garner, a 43-year-old was approach by police officer in suspicion of selling single cigarette from packs without tax stamp. Although they had suspicion, the police officer wanted to arrest Garner but he resisted in the manner that did seem nonthreatening. Even though Mr. Garner wasn’t hurting anyone, a police officer Daniel Pantaleo decided to apply a choke-hold for 15 to 19 seconds on Garner to put him down, causing him lose consciousness and later causing him to die in the hospital. Although Eric Garner poor health played a contribution to his death, the police officer had no justification to choke a him simply because Eric was possibly selling “loosies” and was resisting arrest in a manner that did not endanger anyone life. After his death there were lack of accountability as the police officer Daniel had no charges for his act of killing Garner. Even though Garner is a case that is well known in the media outlet, Police excessive force does not only deprive a life but as well as someone livelihood.

Even though many police officer has the most difficult job of putting down the bad people, the police should not forcibly abuse power to harm other simply for doing nothing that is not threat to them or the community they serve. In the National Institute of Justice, they found that nearly 76 percent of people in the study feels that it is wrong that the police use more than the amount of force to control and sustain an offender simply because they so called assault an officer. 53 percent of police officer in the study was found that when cops participate in the physical activities will most likely turn blind eye to these misconduct not even stopping or reporting the abusive act of power. Nearly 68 percent of people in the study acknowledge that the police resort to physical force when someone is using verbal abuse tactic toward the officers. What is worse is police are indicted in less than 1 percent of killing, but the indictment rate for citizen is nearly 90%.

Although there are some good and bad cops out there, reform is necessary in order to control the number of before it is too late. It should be necessary for police officer to serve community based patrols so the community can build a trusting relationship with the police again. As well as necessary reform is needed to give penalty to police officer in order to keep them from using more than enough force to nearly kill or severely kill another life. A final type of protocol that is needed to make the police officer trusting in their community is making it mandatory for all police department to have body cams and other technological gadgets in order to have an efficient idea of the context of the situation. In 2014, 1,297 American citizens were killed by police compared to 2015, 1,307 people were killed by police costing taxpayer money nearly $1,800,000,000 every year for police misconduct. the victims blood is in your hands; how many lives has to die and be injured before it is too late for you to do something about it.


Edward R.