Samantha Connecticut

College Is Becoming Too Expensive

College Cost

 Dear Next President,

Imagine if I got accepted to my dream college. It is one of the best things that has ever happened. But, it turns out I can’t go because I can’t afford it. Unfortunately I end up choosing to attend the nearby community college and earning an associate’s degree instead of a bachelor’s degree. Dear next president, the increase in college tuition over the years has had many negative effects on students and their parents. The continued tuition hike and increase in other expenses such as room, board, and meals will cause more students to drop out and not earn their degree. This will affect them in the long run because not having a degree will lead them to not get a higher paying job and make things such as paying bills harder. In the future some might not be able to afford going to college. That is something that shouldn’t happen.

Year after year colleges and universities have increased the tuition. For example UConn will hike the tuition over the next four years for all students. This is to help close some of the $40 million budget gap. In the fall 2016 semester it will increase by $700. By the 2019 – 20 year it will increase by $950. For the 2016 – 17 year it will increase by $950 for out – of – state and international students. It will increase by $1,250 for the 2019 – 20 year. Students already struggle, this makes it harder because they will take out more loans and therefore take on more debt. Clearly this will have a huge and negative effect on all students, but it will be bigger for out – of – state and international students.

UConn students aren’t the only ones suffering. Students at Connecticut’s four regional universities and community colleges will be paying more. Students at the four regional universities will pay $480 more in tuition next year. Community colleges will pay $141 more. This plan was proposed by the Board of Regents for higher Education’s finance committee. This is to help close some of the projected $37.3 million budget gap for next year. The tuition increase only solves some of the problem, because there will still be a deficit of $18 million. “We could very well be looking at a $20 to $25 million deficit too close in the future” (Ojakan 2). To put it bluntly the $18 million deficit is the best case scenario because the deficit could be more. In short when there is financial crisis of this kind college students are most likely to suffer the most.

Yale in New Haven, CT is another college increasing expenses. The tuition has increased to $49,480. “In 2015… their average debt at graduation was only $15,521. The Yale College class of 2005… with an average debt at graduation of $17,361 in inflation – adjusted dollars” (Yale News 1). Although the amount of debt has decreased students still have some and it takes a long time to pay off. “The term bill which includes tuition, room, and board will increase from $62,000 to $64,650” (Yale News 1). This is unfair to all of the students. Some students who are smart enough to attend and get accepted might not go because they can’t afford it.

Next President, are you willing to sacrifice the future of these young adults who are the future of this country? It is up to you to keep this from going too far.


Samantha D.