Sarah M. New Jersey

Social Networking

I am Pro-Social Networking!

Dear President - Elect,

I am writing to you about the use of Social Networking. Social Networking is considered the practice of expanding businesses and social contacts through other individuals. Over the years, it has become the main source of gathering information because it spreads faster than any other type of media. Most people rely or use Social Networking on a daily basis.

One top reason why it is important is that it is one of the main factors for Law Enforcement when it comes to catching criminals. For example, back in 2011 NYPD added a tracking unit in twitter to catch narcissistic criminals who have bragged about their crimes. In addition, When the Vancouver Canucks lost the stanley cup people started to form riots. This helped police catch rioters who used social media to state their opinion.

Not only does it help Law Enforcement, but it helps teacher and students. 59% of students use internet access for reports, project etc. It is also a great way to improve your social skills and friends. As a student, I feel as if Social Networking has helped me extremely during school. Just imagine the world without the media. How will people grow in education, learn about current events and have social skills? This is why Social Networking is beneficial to this generation and upcoming generations.


Sarah M.