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Stop Bullying

We need to end the chaos of bullying.

I wanted to write about my concern on bullying at schools. Any child could have a long term problem because of how they were bullied in school. As suicide being the 10th leading cause of death in the U.S., 10% of kids who have been bullied at school have attempted suicide. I think as a solution the president should make a stricter rule on kids who bully other classmates/students.

It’s hard for students when they’re getting bullied by a student but it’s even worse when their is a crowd encouraging it. According to kids don’t have to directly be the ones doing the bullying to actually be bullying. By giving the bully a crowd you’re showing that you know what’s going on but you decide not to do anything about it. These students are bystanders and should be punished as well.

Kids that get bullied are more likely to daze off in the middle of class and do worse during academic studies. says that bullying effects how kids do in school and there ability to make friends. I’ve had plenty of friends that have been bullied and it seems like they become insecure and try to close everyone out of there lives after being bullied. By being bullied kids may be left with permit issues and it may affect their lives in the worst way.

It’s crazy to think that so many kids get bullied and a very small number of them actually report it. According to in 2015 a school had 22% of students report that they’ve been bullied and in 2010 in another school only 36% of the students getting bullied reported it. In 2016 it was reported that 10% of students attempt suicide and 20% hurt themselves because they’ve been bullied. These numbers only support the fact that bullying has become a problem that has gotten out of hand and something needs to be done about it.

Bullying causes unstable mental and physical health. It causes Problems with academic studies and even death, but kids just shrug it off because they don’t understand how much suffering it can actually cause. Bullies aren’t scared either because they know that there victim are too scared of what what will happen if they ever were to tell a teacher. If a new solution doesn’t come soon then kids will be forced to have to live with the suffering and pain.

Sincerely, Sebastian Romero

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