Alex D. Minnesota

Renewable Energy for the US

Switching to renewable energy options will be beneficiary to the US.

Dear Future President,

Today I am writing to you about one of my concerns with this country. Currently the US is one of the world's largest emitters of Carbon Dioxide according to the International Journal of Energy Sector Management. The US is the world's second largest producer of Carbon Dioxide, releasing over 5490 Million Metric Tons of it. This gas when in the atmosphere absorbs more radiated energy from the sun than normal air. This causes an overall increase in temperature over the earth’s surface.

My proposal is that the US strives to be the 1st major nation to seriously consider the prospects of renewable energy. Nuclear power is not a renewable source of energy although the US’s current supply of uranium will last thousands of years. Converting to renewable energy sources will be a challenge as most will require large installation costs and maintenance. According to the American Wind Energy Association “The cost of the wind turbine is the single largest cost component,” and that a 1 megawatt wind turbine will cost around $5.5 million. Although as time progresses renewable energy will pay for itself as it requires no constant source of fuel. The US switching will also encourage other countries to follow our steps and switch.

Preventing CO2 emissions will not stop global warming but it will slow it down. The task of global warming is one most of us will never see the end of. But we can stop our reckless behavior, burning fuels with no thought of the consequences. Switching to renewable resources will at first hurt our economy, but as time progresses it will not only play for itself but it will also reduce our CO2 emissions.

-Sincerely Alex