Talia T. Minnesota


This is a letter about my problem with crime.

Dear Next President,

I have a concern that is not talked about, but is never really addressed or issued. Its crime, the crime data is 64 percent higher nationwide. I watch the news and see the things on facebook of young people taking other young lives. Im addressing this because i feel in politics it's not talked about as much as other things.

Several countries have seen unexpected and abnormal spikes for certain crime offenses. Data of crime statistics for 2013 reveals, drinking while driving is a bigger problem, especially in young ages. One in every 20 individuals are affected by crime. The most common is theft. Even theft has risen 2 percent in 2013, with almost 79,000 reports of stolen property every year. All crime since 2013 has gone up.

My opinion is to have more things us teenagers can get involved with. Just to help the young kids that are neglected by their parents, raised by the streets. Even the good people end up in the wrong place at the wrong time and that's called a victim of crime. The crime needs to be noticed. Before it rises more and it won't be possible to lower the crime rates.