Jake Minnesota

Police Brutality

My Letter is about how police brutality is a problem and suggestions on hoe to fix it.

Dear Next President,

Police Brutality is a growing issue because they always get away with it. Even when there are things to help stop Police Brutality, they still find ways around them. Even with the body cameras they still get away with shooting people.

One time my friend and I were just walking and we got stopped for no reason. My friend asked why we were being stopped and the cop said don’t talk to him like that, and then he said like what. The next thing I knew he was slammed to the ground and then tazed because he was trying to get up. He was cuffed and put in the car, I was about to be cuffed but his mom showed up and after about 5 minutes of his mom talking with the cop we were in the on the way to his house in his mom’s car. There was a shooting where a disabled man Keith Lamont Scott was said to have a gun or book in his hand, but in the body camera video he had nothing in his hand. The punishment he got was paid administrative leave. Maybe this wouldn’t be such a big deal if the courts actually punish them for once. We have seen in Dallas that peaceful protesting won’t last forever, sooner or later there is a chance that cities could turn into battlefields if Police Brutality continues. If it changes, more people would like the police, and possibly get along with them.

I believe the best approach is to make laws against shooting an unarmed person, that’s what tasers are for. If possible, cameras on non prescription glasses so the camera's vision isn’t so easily obstructed. Also the body camera data should be sent to multiple locations so the data can’t be deleted or “disappear” mysteriously. If things like that happen, cops will hopefully be less likely to shot someone because they can.



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