Xavier Minnesota

U.S soldiers

The reward soldiers deserve

Dear President,

Congratulations on winning the election. Anyways there are many topics America needs to address, but the one I view the most important is benefits and respect for soldiers and veterans. I feel like they don't get the respect and honor they truly deserve. They are out in the field sacrificing everything! From there jobs here in America to losing mental stability just to keep us safe. Then they come home and basically relive a hellish nightmare. An article in the London Metro on 28 January 2010 was titled "Veterans Prone to Suicide" and cited a report by the Mental Health Foundation[22] which said that not enough was being done to care for the Afghanistan war veterans, and many "plunged into alcohol problems, crime and suicide" upon their return. Indeed, in the U.S., the suicide rate among veterans is 300% the national average.[23] They account for 30% of the suicides in the US annually.[24] Support services were found to be patchy from area to area. Don't they deserve more? We have veterans living on the streets, homeless, jobless. What did they do to deserve this? Nothing! They have given all they got to come home and find out this is no longer home! The suicide rates are unbelievable! Is this is how America is now a country of people who have no respect for the people that defend them? Soldiers freed us from British rule and are still defending US today from terrorists.