James Washington

Cost of Tuition

Why the cost of tuition needs to be less or free from cost

James N.

Olympia, WA

07 November, 2016

The Next President of the United States

The White House

1600 Pennsylvania Avenue NW

Washington, D.C. 20500

Dear Next President:

The cost of tuition should be less or free from money. For a while I think this problem has been very important, the cost of college tuition. Many people cannot afford college even though they were accepted to a great college.

College cost a lot and especially for the unfortunate who cannot afford it. Each student are paying thousands for college and college is like getting a degree for high school. Lot of unfortunate people study very hard for college, but cannot afford it.

If this world did not have tuition cost a problem, the world would be much better. It would affect the US a lot, making more people go to college with a education. Less homeless would reduce and the US would be one of the smartest country in the world. Education could help us invent new technology that none of the other countries has seen. The unfortunate doesn’t have to worry about education and only if they will go to the college.

We could solve this problem by making public college free, and increase taxes. If public college was free, you would need to make taxes higher to give money to the college. Anything further than a bachelor’s degree people would pay if they want a more advanced degree.

If the problem of tuition cost was fixed, it would solved lots of problem. It would decrease the homeless population and improve the economy by more educated people. More people could get a bachelor’s degree and get a job. New technology will be invented and people will be paid more than the last generation.

Everyone can help if they pay their taxes. If everyone pays their taxes fairly the free public college would be successful. If this system is successful, a lot more people would have an education.



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