Robyn P. Washington


It's time to change our perspective and create equality for all.

Dear Future President,

Everyday when I turn on the news there is always a negative story is being told. The negative stories continue for the whole evening news. I constantly hear stories of discrimination, whether it be towards women, the LGBTQ+ community, and minorities, more specifically African Americans. It saddens me to see so much hate and discrimination in this world. This goes against the 1st and 5th amendment; freedom of religion, speech and the press, and the protection of right to life, liberty and property. We need to put a stop to this unethical treatment.

Today in America, women still face inequality. Most don’t realize this yet they assume women have gained complete equal rights over time, but they still have not gained equality! As of last year, there is still a wage gap! Women make 80 cents for every dollar earned by a man. Also in 2009, women were outnumbered by men by 73% in the science and engineering fields. Women aren’t seen as highly as men in the workplace. It's time to change that perspective.

I personally cannot connect to the hardships the LGBTQ+ community is going through, however I can feel for them. The treatment and discrimination they have to endure is unethical. The LGBTQ+ community faces discrimination in ways that we don't even realize; a same-sex couple being denied housing in Tennessee and a transgender woman was let go of her job in Arkansas. People’s housing and form of income are being taken away based on the sexual orientation. They aren’t getting the support they need in society. Many LGBT teens don’t even get the support and love that they need from their parents, so to also live in a society that doesn’t support you has to be extremely difficult. Society mentally and physically abuses them, in 80% of cases homophobic language was preceded by violence and harassment. Everyone is supposed have the right to the pursuit of happiness, yet it doesn’t seem as if we do.

As a youth of color in America, it is difficult to see other minorities face such harsh treatment. I always have a small fear of what if that happens to me or someone in my community. I live in Tukwila, WA, we have the most diverse school district in the nation. My community is full of minorities who are always at risk of discrimination due to their race. Recently, over the past two years, it seems as if every week I hear a story about an African American dying due to police brutality. They were racially profiled, and killed due to their race. We are targeted because we are African American, because we are people of color.

We need to change our perspective of people. We have to stop projecting so much hate out into the world through media and focus on the good that is still in the world. Focusing on the negative can only inspire those to spread that hate. Nowadays, no one seems to be held accountable for their rash actions of discrimination, which only encourages others to do the same. I ask you, our future president, to uphold the amendments and to promote positivity and love throughout our nation. As for being citizens of the United states we are supposed to be free. People come here for freedom, better opportunities, and overall just a happier life. How are people supposed to live happily when we are a nation full of hate? For being the United States of America, we aren’t very united.

Thank you,


Foster High School

Nohl's 1st period Civics

First period class.

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