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No Gun Control!

This is my take on the stupid laws of gun control.

Dear Mr. or Madam president (Hopefully Mr Trump.)

This is important, I would like to say that I agree with the things you have said and I also want to give my opinion on gun control. What I think is that every American should be able to own a gun because it is their constitutional right to own a gun. 

I recently read an article that stated that guns don't kill people; people kill people. It is not the guns fault that people get angry and kill, but people get in shenanigans and say stuff like the gun went off. That's why I think that you should take off all gun laws and people should get guns at stores. hell they should give them out free! Guns are good is the point that I'm trying to make because I love guns they are what make me me. Please take the gun laws off and make them not taxed. One gun law that needs to end is the tax on ammo because ammo already cost enough as it is, we don't need any tax on it.

I also read this article that said and heavily implied that GUNS DON'T KILL PEOPLE!  But bad things can happen when bad people get guns. like the columbine shooting, it was a massacre, he had intentions it was not the guns fault. he was going to find a way, this just leads back to what i said some people are crazy.  But other point of views could be guns are bad but my rebuttal is people are dangerous. But people have the right to their own opinions. So everyone has their opinion. But guns are good okay. One pro of gun control is Gun control laws do not deter crime; gun ownership deters crime, people find way to kill. Another pro argument is The Second Amendment of the US Constitution protects individual gun ownership its all Americans constitutional right. Another is Gun control laws infringe upon the right to self-defense and deny people a sense of safety. 

The article that I read stated how that taking guns did not minimize crime, in this article Micheal says:"Gun control laws do not deter crime; gun ownership deters crime. A Nov. 26, 2013 study found that, between 1980 and 2009, assault weapons bans did not significantly affect murder rates at the state level and states with restrictions on the carrying of concealed weapons had higher gun-related murders."  (Micheal). This shows that controlling the guns don't stop crime but owning the gun stops crime. So taking the guns from the American population will just result with criminals getting the guns and law abiding citizens having nothing to protect them selves against.

The second article that i read said that even more gun control isn't necessary because few people are killed by guns, in this article Jeremy states-:"More gun control is unnecessary because relatively few people are killed by guns. According to the CDC's "Leading Causes of Death Reports," between 1999 and 2013, Americans were 21.5 times more likely to die of heart disease (9,691,733 deaths); 18.7 times more likely to die of malignant tumors (8,458,868 deaths); and 2.4 times more likely to die of diabetes or 2.3 times more likely to die of Alzheimer's (1,080,298 and 1,053,207 respectively) than to die from a firearm (whether by accident, homicide, or suicide). [4] The flu and related pneumonia (875,143 deaths); traffic accidents (594,280 deaths); and poisoning whether via accident, homicide, or suicide (475,907 deaths) all killed more people between 1999 and 2013 than firearms."- Jeremy. This proves that guns don't kill as many people as the media says they do, gun crime is at a low but the media (news) makes it seem like its at a high for views to get money.

the president needs to address the fact that we live in a gun free society and needs to change that. we are getting oppressed of our gun rights and it needs to stop.

West Seattle High School

5th Period LA9

Hopkins Intro to Literature & Composition

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