Zachary C. Idaho

How I Think You Can Make America A Better Place.

Ways I think you can make America a better place.

Dear Future President,

As I watch the debates on TV I have learned there are many issues I must be educated on in order to feel  like I would have made a good vote. I am not able to vote in this election, but I look forward to the next election being a first time voter.

I hope that you make our nation a better place. The following are ways that I feel you are able to accomplish that. First off, I feel that many families struggle financially to send their kids to college. As a President I would like to see you lower those prices for families or lower the guidelines for middle class to receive help. I do not look forward to the day I graduate college with thousands of dollars in debt. Second,  I feel you should have tougher laws on illegal immigration. I don't have a lot of knowledge on the subject but I feel like we have a lot of illegal immigrants from different countries that live illegally in the US. I don't feel we need to build any walls, but to look at what we have in place and discuss how we can add to make it tougher to be here . Last, I feel like we need to bring social security and medicare to the table to see how we can make this better for those who continue to pay into it  to be able to receive the benefits when they get of age. I see the age keeps increasing but I feel that makes it harder for those that really need the help. Maybe you can look at reducing healthcare costs to make it affordable for those who really need the care.

I feel there are many issues at hand a president needs to work on, but these are the three I feel most strongly affect me or my family the most.

Yours Truly, Zach