Sunshine Michigan

Muslim Discrimination

I am a teenager that is concerned with how much hate Muslims get because of their past.

 Dear Mr. or Mrs. President,

We have to stop religious and racial prejudice before World War Three is declared, any and all discrimination or racism is wrong. Although I’m specifically talking about Muslim discrimination. I am 100 percent supportive of stopping discrimination towards Muslims. This problem is important because not all Muslims are bad people and I think they deserve a fair chance at life in America. The main reason I am writing of this issue is because I have quite a few Muslim friends and they have told me terrible stories of either what somebody else has done to or said to them.

The primary reason there is so much prejudice towards this particular religious group is the long list of terror attacks dating back to the 1970’s. There has been exactly 74 deadly muslim attacks on American soil. Admitting this number seems high, think of all the mass murders you hear about on the news committed by Americans, there is much more problematic people already in the U.S. so why keep Muslims out. Although Pres. Obama was doing a good job of this, it is still a secondary problem we need to narrowly focus on. In my opinion we can do more to admit immigrants in general into the states.

A second reason is the xenophobic people is general (xenophobic meaning being racist essentially). These people are making Muslims look like the bad guy but in reality, the bad guys are already in our own backyard. We want to stay away from people like this because I believe that our children and our children’s children should be able to play with another kid and not have to worry about their race or religion. Another valid point, look how African-Americans were once treated, they were beat, killed and screamed at because of their skin color and or social status. We should stop this “discrimination party” before this happens to Muslims.

My third, and final reason is because their religion is different to say the least. But then again this is what’s holding us back from world peace. Why does it matter that you’re a little different in any way? Why do the kids of the future have to suffer because we’re afraid of someone who is human just like you and I? The answer is they shouldn't, racial/religious barriers are useless and need to be taken down for good.

As you may be able to tell, in my opinion, racism should be a thing of the past. Please Mr./Miz. President help stop Muslim discrimination. Kids do not deserve living a life full of hatred. I’m positive you would be doing yourself a favor by reading and really taking these ideas into consideration. Congrats on your presidency,


Keaten Wheeler

Northview High School

4th Hour

Mrs. Pitt's 4th hour 9th grade English students.

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