Ana Albesa Ohio


We need to have stronger security regarding the laws of legal and illegal immigration, not anything concerning an immigrant's life.

Dear Future President:

During the time of the 19th century, immigration became a well known process in the United States. Many citizens from various parts of the world have been fond of the idea of making a better life for themselves, and their families. It has caused many grievances from Americans and immigrants themselves. Today, there are such things as illegal and legal immigrants, but many of these “aliens” are unknown. As a nation, we should easily be able to identify every legal and illegal immigrant in our country.

Immigration has been a very complicated topic to discuss for centuries. The amount of unfair treatment given to innocent immigrants, has increased immensely over the years. Some have been treated as a terrorist, illegal, or worse. According to the Pew Research Center, legal and Illegal immigration makes up 13% of America today. It is known that 1 to 25, 4.1% of the immigrant population, defendants that are sentenced to death are later found innocent. Many assume the worst for the best people during this time. Some of the American population, treat both legal and illegal immigrants poorly. The fear of everyone having to treat everyone fairly, is a main task many still haven’t overcome today. The natural rights many have received since birth, supports the need of everyone’s equality. But, as of today, equality has not been our main priority.

Every country’s job is to secure the safety of their people, not to take away the feeling of protection. It is known that immigration threatens the source of security immensely. But, it should also be known that immigrants have a reason to leaving their family behind, including making a better living. Not every reason to leaving an immigrant’s country is dangerous. Innocent immigrants do exist, but it seems that we don’t understand the concept of innocence at times. Over the years, America has been deporting immigrants back to their homeland. Including Morena Lemos’s 30-year-old daughter and her family, who were told to come back to El Salvador, where people told them they want them dead, according to Coyote Legal. I understand the need to investigate immigrants, but there should always be a right reason for every action. Lately, U.S. population has been increasing, some being immigrants. Some of these immigrants are wanting to become a legal citizen in the United States. We should know which parts of the immigrant population are legal and illegal, not anything of an immigrant’s personal life. The fact that immigration is a difficult topic to discuss is indeed correct.

Immigration is a process that immigrants are willing to take to make a better living for themselves and their families. In the United States today, immigration is a controversial and threatening topic that we have yet to straighten out. To resolve the problems of immigration, we need to have stronger security when it comes to immigrants crossing the U.S. borders. In addition, we should be able to identify every legal and illegal immigrant in the country, even including American citizens. Immigration is a long procedure to undergo, and the way that we treat one another because of this issue, will impact our lives in the future.


Ana Albesa