Zach Baggerly Idaho


We need a president who WILL take care of terrorism, like ISIS, and keep America safe.

Future President, I really hope that you will some how take down ISIS and other terrorists that could be found. Innocent people are dying over some really dumb people's actions. 9/11 was the most tragic event in American history, and it was caused by some dumb group's actions to take down America. I also hope that you will try to help other countries so that we can ALL get along and there will be no terrorism. If we could some how negotiate with ISIS, if we could give them some things they want, then maye, just maybe, we could end the terrorist attacks around the world. Out of all of the problems in the world, I think terrorism is one of the worst. This could also include murderers because they all are for killing people for fun or because they dispise them. We are litterally driving humanity into extinction. It may not look like it yet, but the more that people kill people, we will eventually decrease in massive numbers. I hope you will protect us and keep us safe.


Zach Baggerly