Blandjica Massachusetts



Dear Mr./ Mrs. President,

I'm Blandjica and I'm here to talk about the immigrates and how they should have the same rights has the U.S citizens. This issue affects my community and me cause we came to the United States to have  better opportunities.  This is an issue because the limits and  restrictions placed on undocumented immigrants is they can't vote, can not be president, and can't live freely without fear of being deported.  

The constitutional rights that are secured for citizens and permanent residents are not available to them. The common interpretation of the constitution is that where it says " the people," it usually refers to citizens and permanent residents and not undocumented people.  An example of such rights is the second amendments " the rights of people to keep and bear arms, shall not be infringed" since its say "the people," it refers to citizens and permanent residents, not illegal aliens. 

Why can't  they have these basic rights?  They also can't vote an that is not fair.  Just because they are not citizens that doesn't mean they shouldn't be  able to vote for the next president . They should have the rights because they are the same  as you, because they are human like you.