Jessa M. Idaho

Funding in the Arts Department

How can the funding in the Arts Department change?

Dear President,

First of all congratulations on the win, but don't let the power get to your head. It only causes corruption. I have a major concern though, while we do need and I understand this fully the funding to spend on football teams and promoting their concussions and overly tight uniforms, I also think we need more of that we do need the money for our local Arts Department. Especially here at my school, even though we did not have a football team we do have other things we spend too much on. Our Arts Department though, I remember having to be in art in 8th grade and only doing one ceramic pot in class because we did not have the appropriate funds.

 In choir this year my class is taking a trip and we need to raise the money because we don't have enough for a bus there due to lack of funds. Finally our theater department something I feel very, very passionate about. We have enough to get our scripts but when it comes to getting costumes we are at a lack.

Personally, I think we need to fix this issue, find a way for all those of the football and sports teams to still have profit but still have enough for those in the arts to be able to start making a difference in the arts, so many kids especially in Idaho want to go into some creative form in their college career but because the arts aren't really supportive here in Idaho its not exactly easy to stick to a major when there's a lack of support. Whenever I think of a good school i think of the beautifully colored murals on the portables of my school and student art work hanging in the hallways. I don't think of a school such as High School Musical where their entire school is obsessed with basketball. I think of a place where kids aren't shunned by the amount of athletic praise they receive or don't receive for playing sports in high school. Where actors, artists and athletes play role in hand and hand and one job on a college application form goes the same way no matter how far we go into our lives.