Christina F. Idaho

Every Life Affected

Marine pollution affects every life.

October 19, 2016

Dear Next President,

Imagine yourself swimming in the ocean. The water is bright, clear, and warm. The tide is calm, and you can see the sun shining through the water. There are fish of every color surrounding you. Now, imagine yourself surrounded by dark, polluted, lifeless water. Every year, over 100,000 marine mammals die due to ocean pollution. Although in the past, the United States has put effort in helping prevent ocean pollution, I believe that we need to increase the amount of funding put in.

The ocean is very important. It covers over 70 percent of our Earth’s surface. The United States depends on our oceans and beaches for food sources and tourism. The ocean is also home to millions if not billions of marine mammals who are dying each year due to ocean pollution. Some of the causes of ocean pollution include oil spills and leaks, agricultural runoffs and pesticides, industrial waste, trash dumping (especially plastic), air pollution, acid rain, and sewage.

Plastic is one of the biggest causes of marine pollution. According to Tim McDonnell (author of from, “between 4.8 and 12.7 million metric tons entered the oceans” in 2010. This means that there was so much plastic dumped into the ocean that year, it is estimated to weigh over 1.3 times the great pyramid of Giza. Imagine all of the plastic waste collected from the past century!

Even if ocean pollution is stopped today, it will still affect marine mammals for generations. According to Bob Bohle (author from , “because marine mammals are at the top of their food chain, the toxins in their food sources accumulate in their bodies, especially in their fatty tissues and breast milk.” This matters because if ocean pollution is continued, then the toxins in marine mammals will get worse and eventually lead to extinction. Also, cities and towns in the United States who depend on the money from ocean-caught fish exports, will go bankrupt due to no one wanting to eat fish with a high level of toxins in them.

I understand that there are more important matters to be solved in this world, but the oceans need our help! Without oceans, Earth’s entire ecosystem will collapse and be destroyed, and with it all living things will follow.

The oceans help us and affect our daily lives, but it isn't only humans that depend on our oceans. Marine life is also depending on us to help clean their home. The decision is yours Future President, and I hope you will lead not only our country, but our world to a better future for us all.


Christina F

East Junior High

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