Alex C. Indiana

The Non Moral Issue for Abortion

A look at how moral issues should not be factored into the abortion debate.

Dear president, I know that there are many issues and responsibilities that you have to take on now after winning the candidacy, many of which I do not understand. One of the issues that I know about and feel strongly about is the topic of whether or not abortions should stay legalized for all. Being a female, I believe that we should have the right to choose. Being in my third year of high school I see each year that there is always at least one girl in my school who becomes pregnant. I can see the scrutiny they face at school and by the others in the community. They face religious judgement for committing fornication and not marrying before participating in sex with their partner. A law should not be based on a religious belief that not everyone believes or practices. The morals of the issue should be put aside in determining to keep it legal or not since people have different morals and beliefs.

With morals aside let’s look at some facts. Teen girls are 5 times as likely to die during childbirth and their babies have a 60% higher chance of dying after birth. With this in mind, should girls especially under the age of 18 along with all women have a chance to choose themselves over an unborn child? The risk for younger girls and for the baby are both high, therefore there is more chance of one of them not making it. Being a teenager they still have a lot of life to live: they shouldn’t have to chance It when there’s a chance neither one would even make it. Also, making abortion illegal or age restricted won’t stop abortions from happening, because it will only make them unsafe and unregulated, which can cause extreme risk and more pain to the mother and the unborn child. Every year 78,000 women die from unsafe abortions. These unsafe abortions occur for reasons like unaffordable procedures, bans in different places, and the publicity and riots that surround the facilities in which the procedures are done. Therefore, keeping abortions legal will also help keep our women safe.

Finally, I have some ideas to help solve the issue. To begin, you could try and help lower the price of contraceptives in the hopes of helping prevent the unwanted pregnancy from even happening. Along with that, the planB pill that is taken up to 48 hours after unprotected sex shouldn’t have an age restriction of 18 to buy and the cost should become more affordable. This way teens that may forget and make a mistake still have an option. Maybe if the age restriction was lowered it would help lower the pregnancy rate among teens, in turn saving them the embarrassment and shame of having a baby or getting an abortion. “Liberty is the right to choose and freedom is the result of a right choice” –Jules Renard, this quote help support the cause in that our country was built on liberty and freedom and those principle should be applied to everyone.