Michael Minnesota


How are we going to keep terrorist out of the US?

Dear The Future President of the United States,

There is one question I really wonder about and it has to do with immigration. Immigration is a huge topic in the news and in the world. Citizens are worrying about letting terrorists into our country and also illegal immigration and a huge problem in the public eye. How are we going to fix this? In my opinion there is not one thing that can completely get rid of the problem. There are many things that need to be put into place to keep the nation safe and for the future president to be successful in accomplishing our nation's safety they really need to consider this problem and find a solution right away. This may mean better border patrol, better background checks, or a better immigration process.

I understand that the USA has a very strict and long process for immigrants to get into the US and to get citizenship, but this is not necessarily working properly. Instead of turning in helpful immigrants who want to better society and are coming for a new beginning and a new start only available in America. The immigration process is not accomplishing exactly what it is supposed to. There are about a six million people who apply for citizenship per year and only about one million will be accepted (www.us-immigration.com). The process makes it overly hard to get in and not checking for what is important to the nations safety. This leads to illegal immigrants entering the nation and people with terrorist intensions because the process to get in legal is to hard to do all the paper work. The process for immigration needs to be sped up but also needs to look further at the persons intentions and the borders must be controlled better for a safer nation. I do not mean in any way that all immigrant applications should be accepted but the only way to stop illegal immigration is to have tighter boundaries but also to accept people faster with a better check of the applicants intentions.

The process can take less than a year to several years. The majority of cases take more than a year and cost close to $700 per person. This cost is way to high and how are immigrants who may be poor in their country have the ability to pay for this. (www.us-immigration.com) There has to be a way to fix this while keeping the importance of the background check and the safety of the nations. The problem is keeping both the safety of our nation while making the citizenship easier. That's what I think is the most important problem and the problem the the future president can fix. Immigration is a major problem in the USA and to fix this problem adds to a safer nation and a more happy American people.

Sincerly, Michael


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