Truth J. Indiana

Gun Control

This is my opinion on gun control

Dear future president                                                                                                                                                   I care about this topic because people won't be able to protect their self well. If they get robbed,attacked or broke into. So if people don't have a gun they can get hurt by their attacker. People can keep a small gun but not a big gun . 

My opinion is that people who uses a firearm should use it to protect their selfs . Cops should not think that people have a gun out of nowhere. Nobody should have a big gun . They should only be able to have a handgun. 

The people of the USA should agree with my opinion . I think they should  because people can go on rampages with an illegal gun . Then no one can protect their selfs . Against the attacker. But if you have one people can not hurt you as bad 


Truth Johnson