Yajaira M. Minnesota

Dear future president

i think people should have a fair thing when coming to immigration people shouldn't get hurt or even bullied about it

Dear Future President,

Many people from different countries come to the United States looking for opportunities that they do not get because they are not U.S citizens. Most people struggle to get jobs because they are not U.S citizens. People also struggle to get an education, not that they can’t or that it’s not possible but people do struggle to learn english. For example many of my uncles came from mexico to get better jobs and to help their families in mexico, but many of them had a hard time finding jobs that would accept them without being a U.S citizen or having a green card.

The reason that I would like for you to makes some changes is because many of those people including my family want better lives for themselves and their own families, they all just come here looking for opportunities that weren’t given or weren’t enough for them in their own countries, and to be completely honest some people in this country don’t really appreciate the opportunities that are given to them, but I am no one to really judge other people. Most of my family members say that if they had a green card or could become a resident, that they would have much better lives, and I believe that they should all be given a chance.

Finally what I would like for you to do about this issue, is that you should give everyone a chance to have a better life meaning that people who are qualified should become residents or get a green card to make it easier to find jobs and get better income to provide for their families. We are all human beings we should all be given the same opportunities no matter where we come from.