Judarra P. Kentucky


Immigration needs to be legal and people should have the right to live where they believe would benefit their lives.

  Dear Future President,

  Immigration is a big issue in the United States. People are being mistreated because of being immigrants. I believe that this is wrong. Don't you? Read on to find out more.

          One reason is because they are seen as outlaws. Why should the be seen as anything different than regular citizens?lll  This inequality needs to be stopped. But we can't stop it without you. I mean their not criminals. Wouldn't you agree? Red on to in more on this issue.

       Another reason is because they are being treated like their trash. People tell them that they're not welcome or need to go back where they came from. I believe that this isn't right at all. They came for a reason and that reason is not to be treated unfairly.

        Moving on, another reason is because they came for a better life and for freedom. Some immigrants fled from war or needed better job opportunity. Put yourself in their shoes and see how it feels. An example, is Noe Middle School six grade students went on a field trip to waterfront park. It was to act as immigrants. It was HARD. The student had to walk a mile and work to get across the "border." Imagine walking way more than a mile without medical treatment or not enough water.

   Lastly, we can't fix this problem without you. We can't make it happen if we don't put in hard work and effort. Children will grow up taking this for granted and will look up to you. Help the millions of immigrants fleeing to their country. Hold hands and walk a mile in their shoes.  

                            Sincerely, Judarra