Nicole B. Indiana

Climate Change

Climate change is a very important issue because the earth is getting hotter and there is greenhouse gas emissions in the atmosphere.

Dear future president,

Climate change is a very important issue. The earth is getting hotter. Greenhouse gas emissions in the atmosphere are trapping heat in the Earth's atmosphere. This impacts the global weather systems, which causes everything from unexpected rainfall to extreme heatwaves. The ice from the polar regions are melting and shrinking. The sea-level is rising and could cause destructive erosion, flooding of wetlands, contamination of aquifers and agricultural soils, and the lose of habitats for fish, birds, and plants.

Since the population keeps on growing, the demands also keep growing. This has led to deforestation, burning fossil fuels, and intensive farming. These activities produce greenhouse gases. We have caused global warming. To reduce global warming, we need to reduce our energy usage. Everyone can start using public transportation. We need to recycle and turn off the lights when we are not using them.

We should all care about climate change because it is very dangerous. Animals and people die from floods caused by global warming. The weather is getting hotter and can cause heat strokes. Our land is getting destroyed and covered with water. If we do not act, this issue could get worse.


Nicole Bunkowske 

from Indiana