Kaiden N. Indiana

Facts Don't Matter

Looking at the negative impact of the Black Lives Matter group.

Dear President,

Racism. That very word conjures images of segregation, hatred, and death. However, the term is empty, a means of categorizing a single species into a divided nation, derelict in its duty to the cause of self-preservation as it slaughters its own members. Should you hate all tabby cats because one scratched your cheek and left a scar? It is a complete takeover of paranoia if this was true, and it should not be. What has racism caused but senseless, passionate anger and spite of a people who in large part one has most likely never experienced and understood? I do not understand the logic behind this abhorrence of color, of facial features, of cultural difference. Why must we harbor such hatred in our hearts for such an odd, irrational idea? I see no sense in this, yet this issue tears our country asunder and creates groups such as Black Lives Matter. This group is on the verge of being a terror organization and needs to be terminated before it builds the nation into a crescendo of fear and hatred.

The group known as Black Lives Matter is completely unfounded in its factual standpoint. Yes, racism may exist in the police force. Yes, some killings may have been from a racist decision. But facts are facts, and here are a couple of them: It’s becoming a terrorist organization; Obama made a statement supporting the group and a few hours later 12 cops were shot at a Dallas rally by the group’s “activists.” 5 of those officers died. People killed by the police in the U.S. in recent years are 42% white, 20% Hispanic, and 32% black. Officers are more scared to act because of the extremist actions members of the group have taken, leading to a 17% rise in homicides in America’s 56 largest cities; in heavily black cities, murders rose by 60%. In 2015, 732 fatal police shooting victims were white and 381 were black. The correlation speaks for itself: whites suffer far worse from “police racism,” yet you see no White Lives Matter. Why? It’s rather simple. The media and the members of the group realize that racism is a topic that causes emotions to flare and uses that to their advantage to get publicity. Their cause is just, and I completely support racial equality. However, their methods are severely flawed and inane.

You, dear President, have the political and military power to bring this madness to an end long overdue. You must make them see reason, that they are becoming precisely what they are fighting against by developing prejudices against white police officers. If political speeches displaying their illogical actions won’t stop these social attacks and murders, a show of military might will. The first amendment allows freedom of speech; it does not allow the killing of a group that you speak against. There is no excuse for the death of a human being simply because of a biased opinion. This real, existent racism against white officers spawned from a false belief that they killed blacks out of spite, not because they were doing their jobs. You are called upon to defend our homeland from any and all foreign and domestic terrorist threats, and there is already one growing on the inside. Take action, before the divide tears this nation apart.