Wyatt K. Indiana

Dear Mr. or Madam President

I Pray for these things...

Dear Future President, 

I pray that you are just as normal as everyone else in the country. I pray you can laugh at jokes and still be serious when needed. I pray that when you walk into see your family at night you still feel the same thing as we do when we walk in to our homes. I pray that you think of not only the rich but thinking of the hard working families out there. Some of us work hard for what we have and don't want to give it up.  I pray that when you go talking to other countries you always have the American people in your mind and not money or oil. I pray that you help with all the issues that become huge recently in our great country. I pray that you see marijuana as a medicine and not a drug and how it will boost our economy and help save many lives. I also pray that you pray, no matter what religion. Everyone needs a little religious help here and there. I'm no major religious person but when it comes to who will lead me and my fellow Americans I truly am. We don't need you to be hot headed or scared of actions. We all need you to be strong and demanding of our country. Look for our future not for our past. What happened in the past happened there is really nothing anyone can do anymore. We just have to keep moving with the program and I pray you see these all of these things. I hope you can truly lead our country without messing up anything severe. After all we are the greatest country in the world, right? Please do everything you can to keep it this way.  I know you are set to face major criticism but I pray that you will get through it without letting it get the best of you. Good luck Mr. or Madam President. Your country depends on you!