Tucker K. North Carolina

Climate Change

The climate is changing dramatically due to the burning of fossil fuels and human activity.

Dear future president,

The world is slowly, but surely deteriorating by the second. Yet we still choose to add to that situation by the burning of fossil fuels, and increasing the levels of greenhouse gases that are being emitted into the atmosphere. We see that the sea levels are rising, the melting of polar ice caps are continuing, and the earth’s temperature is increasing. Yes we acknowledge this, but we choose to do nothing about it. So I advise you to take this in as a major issue and confront this issue immediately.

Our world today is in a pickle. As each day passes, more and more fossil fuels and gases are being emitted into the atmosphere. Yet even though our world sees that we need to do something about this climate crisis, but we still continue to use such terrible chemicals not realizing what it is doing to our country. Over the past years the earth's temperature has risen 1.4%(“The Biggest Challenges of 2016”). This is somewhat of a warning to our world. As we continue to burn fossil fuels, and increase the amount of greenhouse gases we use, they will all eventually get trapped in the atmosphere and continue to heat the earth up second by second. Say if we were to compare our world 100 years ago till now, you would see a big difference of climate change that has occurred over those years. So president, I urge you to take this issue into consideration and treat it as necessary.

Why the burning of fossil fuels are continuing to burn and burn, is because of the people of this world. If it weren’t for the people, the burning of fossil fuels would have never happened. I have done a bit of research and it says 97-98% of climate change researchers say that humans are the cause of climate change (“Is Human Activity Primarily Responsible for Global Climate Change”).So we see that humans are mainly the problems, why not make them not the problem. If we can change the minds of many humans beings about the the damage that they are doing to this world. They might think twice about what they could do instead, but we need someone of authority to do something about that. All of the increase uses of greenhouse gases are not only creating the world to heat up, but they are causing the melting of polar ice caps. Thus resulting in the sea levels rising. Not only that, it will cause erosion and much more.

So Mr.President, some say that climate change doesn’t even exist. Now I find that very hard to believe. Because how else is this worlding heating up? Definitely not the sun heating this world up, because there is definitely a cold season which keep areas cold and intact instead of being hot all year. The reason why there is such thing as climate change, is because of the people of this world. Also as I have stated earlier that the earth is continuing to heat up and soon enough it will be too hot. So if we do not contain the many aspects of climate change, we will be stuck in a world of heat.

So I have some solutions to this problem. One is that we need to replace the fossil fuels with many wind powered turbines. If we are able to do that, I believe if we successfully continued using wind powered turbines, that we would like it so much better than fossil fuels. Another solution to this problem is that we should start using more electric energy. If we are able to limit the amount of greenhouse gases being emitted into the atmosphere, we won’t see that the world is continuing to heat up. Plus the less gas we put in the ozone layer, the less amount of heat that is being put on our world.

“Climate change is a terrible problem, and it absolutely needs to be solved. It deserves to be a huge priority(Climate Change Quotes).” This quote is exactly right. Climate change is such a big deal that we can’t put it aside and work with it later. It is something that we have to address immediately. With sea levels rising, icebergs melting, erosion continuation, and that fact that the air quality is getting worse each day; This is something our future president needs to take into hand right away.


Tucker Krogstad