Amajanea Indiana


A child's life in your hands

Hi, I am here to talk to you about abortions in the United States. Some things I am going to be talking about in this letter is. One thing is why I care about this issue. Another thing is my opinion and suggestions on this issue. The last thing I'm going to talk to you about is why other should care about this issue. 

Here are some reasons I care about care about abortions. One reason why,is because kids don't get the chance to be in school,have friends,go home-coming ,or even a wedding. Also the mother doesn't get to take care of a baby. The last thing is that they can have the baby and get it adopted by someone they know

Here I will be talking about my opinions and suggestions on abortions. My opinion is you should keep the baby. Also another opinion of mine is that you should want the experience of a child and watching them grow. Finally my last opinion is that if don't want a baby why have sex to get one then change your mind when it's to late.

Last, I'm here to talk to you about why people should care about this issue. Here is one reason ,it's been 40 years since there was a protest for a woman's right to have a abortion. Also it is a big problem in America so people need to be informed. Finally it would make people think "what if that happened to me."?

Thank you for reading to this point,listening to my reasons about abortion   Here are the them again,why I care about this issue. Another one is my opinions and suggestions. Last thing is why others should care about this issue

From 7th graders 


Miami middle school