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Police Brutality

This is about the issues and cases on police brutality. Police brutality is a current issue today.

 To whom it may concern,    

     Police brutality is a current issue today in our daily lives. Police are supposed to be the good guys, with all this bad stuff they're doing, it doesn't seem like it. There's many cases of this brutality around the country and it needs to change. I even listed some of them for you like the Trayvon Martin case, Robert Davis Case, and one about a twelve year old holding a toy gun and getting shot. 

     The Trayvon Martin case was one of the worst of them all. There was a policeman out for a neighborhood watch, his name was George Zimmerman.  Trayvon went to take a walk to the gas station to get skittles and an ice tea. He got on the phone with his girlfriend on his was home, he then found out he was being followed. Trayvon then started to sprint straight to his house after he found out that he was being followed. Eventually, Zimmerman ended up shooting him in the chest less than 100 yards away from the front door of his house ("Trayvon Martin Biography"). The next case isn't as mostly known as this one, but I should still tell you about it.

     Second of all, is the Robert Davis case. Davis was a retired elementary school teacher from Alexander, Arkansas. Davis said he didn't drink, and hasn't drank in 25 years. He was accused for being publicly intoxicated by two city officers. Davis was brutally beaten and arrested by the officers for the suspicion of the public intoxication. All of the officers seen on the tape were white, and Robert was black. So maybe that has something to do with the officers beating him up ("10 Worst Cases of Police Brutality"). Now into the third case.

     Third and last of all, is a case that involves a twelve year old and a toy gun. On this case the Jury was definitely on the police's side. The Jury ended up having the decision to not impeach the officer after the horrible incident. What happened was a twelve year old boy had a toy gun, and a officer shot and killed him because he thought it was real. The toy was just one of those normal toy guns you can buy at like Toys R' Us ("Fuchs, Erin"). This case definitely ended up changing peoples thoughts on police officers. 

I hope you take this seriously, this stuff needs to stop. Please put an end to this after reading about the Trayvon Martin case, Robert Davis Case, and the case about the twelve year old getting shot.


Carter Anderson

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