Jasmine H New York

Black Lives Matter

Police Brutality is a very controversial topic, but it is a very important topic.

Dear Future President of the United States, 

“Being bothered by police brutality, speaking out against it and demanding that our nation live up to its creed of "liberty and justice for all," does not mean you hate police officers. It does not mean you want to see them massacred by assault rifles in the middle of the street." (http://www.nydailynews.com/news/national/king-black-lives-matter-opposes-police-brutality-not-police-article-)

Police Brutality is one of the many reasons that Black Lives Matter Movement is a movement. The Black Lives Matter Movement is often depicted as a movement that hates police and is against police, but it is actually against Police Brutality. Police Brutality is defined as, "excessive and/or unnecessary force by police when dealing with civilians," by thelawdictionary.org website. Excessive force was used in the case of Eric Garner. Eric Garner, an African American man, was selling cigarettes on the corner of the street and was strangled by a police officer. A local civilian saw this occurring and took a video and on the footage, you can hear him say three words, "I can't breathe," but the police officer did not stop and he died as a result of this. 

“Black Americans are 2.5 times as likely as white Americans to be shot and killed by police officers."
"Black men make up only 6% of the nation's population, but of all the unarmed people shot and killed in 2015, 40% of the were black men."

These statistics support that the Black Lives Matter Movement is necessary for the greater benefit of the African American People.

I am an African American young woman living in America and I live in fear of an occurrence of police brutality happening to my family or myself. I live in a world where I am scared of the people who are supposed to serve and protect me and I believe that I should not have to be afraid. I live in a world where the government does not seem to care that African American people are getting brutally killed and I want that to change. 

The President of the United States of America should work to help the racial injustice that this minority faces. The President should also work more to stop police brutality and ensure better police training be provided so that other disturbing acts of brutality do not occur. 

“To have the very people sworn to protect you — paid for by your own tax dollars — harass, brutalize, rape, and even kill you is as twisted and demented as any form of abuse we'll ever see in this country." (http://www.nydailynews.com/news/national/king-black-lives-matter-opposes-police-brutality-not-police-article-)

Sincerely, Jasmine H


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