Adam l. Indiana

Gun Control

You need to take care of who you sell guns too.

Dear Future president,

 I think you should put a gun control violation. Why I care about this is because people have been getting to carried away with guns. People have been shooting other people and dying. Also people have been getting sent to the hospital a lot.

  My recommendations on gun control is to do really good background checks. Make them sign papers saying that if they brake the rules it will be a death sentence. But they have to keep it in a safe if they don't have it. At conventions you have to show a I.D. If they want to buy a gun.

  Now why I think others should care is because a lot of people are dying. Unless you could save everyone you should start caring. Unless you care about you're family you should follow me. This is why you need to put a lock on gun control.

Sincerely Adam Lemaster Indiana