Jeane M.

End Police Brutality

Our lives matter, so let's end this problem.

Dear Mr. President,

 I am ab African-American young female who honestly used to love where I lived. Until, everything started crashing down. My mom told me that a young black male was shot for only selling CD's. People thought he was selling drugs but he was really trying to let people hear his new made music. Police brutality is honestly getting way out of hand and innocent black males are losing their lives for the most pettiest reasons. We need to stop sitting down on our butts and watching people suffer for the most meanest reasons.

In the 1900’s, African Americans were treated as second class. They would have separate water fountains, separate bathrooms, and they would have to sit in the back of the buses while the whites would sit in the front of the bus/train. Police would sometimes beat them for trying to use something only reserved for whites. Police would beat them or harm them in anyway if they protested. Even though segregation is over, the treatment and the harassment us black people receive has never really changed.

According to a recent documentary, A young man was hanging out with a few friends one night when the police came on him and told him that he was arrested for a murder. He later was pleaded guilty for a crime he didn’t commit. He went to prison and he was raped, beaten, and harassed. After that they found out that he was telling the truth and he was innocent. But after 2 years he later killed himself because of the horror he has been through.

In Chicago, races are divided. Whites mostly live in the North side and the blacks live in the South. A young man named Joshua Beal was killed for not dropping the gun when he was told. He was shot multiple times by 2 officers. And 2 days later people with “Black Lives Matter” signs, came to a crime scene which was a white neighborhood. Whites were formed to meet them and made their diversion more exaggerated.

None of this nonsense is really needed. Everyone is equal. We are all equally the same. There is no difference between a black boy and a white boy. We can all just stop the hate and start the love and come together as one instead of being split in 2.


Jeane Mckinney