Ava V.

Debt in the U.S.

How we can get rid of our debt.

Dear future Mr. or Madam President,

We need to discuss an issue regarding our country. This issue, as I am sure you know of, is quite evident in our country today. This issue is debt. Now, the U.S. is in the most debt it has ever been in, $19 trillion, that’s more than $58,000 for every person who lives in the U.S. including children. If the USA is to remain on track for the debt to keep inclining, we would hit $50 trillion by 2030. The main reason for this is federal spending, Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, and Obamacare. Not trying to tell you how to do your job, but this needs to be something that you, as the President can deal with, and then tell us proudly that we’re not in debt anymore. Dealing with debt can be easier or harder than you may think. This process will only put us in a downward path, slowly getting rid of our debt. This process is the key to better future, and economy for the U.S., we need to reduce our spending in general, and reform the tax code. Population ageing is a big part of our debt, as people grow older and retire, they need Social Security to help them live without a job. We can’t do much about the population ageing problem. I’m sure that there are many problems that I can’t even begin to comprehend, but this is definitely an issue to pay attention to. It can get so much worse if we’re not careful.