Dylan Z. North Dakota

Coal Mines and Gun Control

Letter to the next president about addressing coal mines and gun control.

Dear next president:

There is an upcoming presidential election taking place on Tuesday, November 8, 2016. With a new president in office, some things will change, for better or worse. The two candidates for president are Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton. Trump is the candidate from the Republican house and Clinton is from the Democratic house. The two issues I want the next president to address will be the Coal Industry and the Gun Control that will be addressed by the next president.

The first thing I would like to discuss is Coal Mines. Clinton is going to push for the shutdown down of all coal mines. A big reason why people come to ND is for the job opportunities through the coal and oil industry. Also Coal is one of the biggest sources for power in the U.S. Another downfall to this is the fact that many people will lose their jobs and the homeless rate would rise. Over 22,700 jobs are already gone in North Dakota, 11,700 in West Virginia, and 8,800 in Wyoming just because of the “dangerous coal,” quote that was made ( According to Anne Louie Sussman with The Wall Street Journal at http://blogs.wsj.com/economics/2016/03/25/coal-miners-are-losing-jobs-in-states-with-upcoming-primaries/). The people who are gonna lose their jobs would all leave these states looking for work and then most towns will be left with no people. I would like to have the president address this issue by using her bully pulpit and talk about the good things about coal.

Another problem I see arising is that the next president is going to try and take guns away from the general population. It is our second amendment to have personal firearms. Also many families, including mine, get a lot of their food from hunting because meat prices are so high. For example, this year my family was only able to get a quarter of beef and we are already running low so without getting deer this year we would have to buy beef everything we wanted a meal. If The president takes guns away, a lot of people will be losing a lot of money to purchase meat. Guns are here for better or worse, I believe guns are not the source of deaths, people are! If guns are revoked people will just fight harder to get them, or the bad people out there will just find something else to help them commit crimes. I would like to have the president talk to congress or use their bully pulpit ability to address these issues.

I hope that we are able to keep our Coal Mines up and running. I also hope that guns are not revoked. If these two things happen people will lose jobs, people will lose a lot of money because of the shortage of food, a lot of people will leave states to find work, many more events will take place. I would like to see the next president use his bully pulpit ability to make sure these two topics are addressed. I don't think there is enough benefit for these decisions to make sense.


Dylan Zahn