Ely Michigan

Police Need to be Treated Better

Police are treated like dirt. I want to change that.

Dear future president,

Too many people are prejudiced against police officers because of the shootings that have happened. I cannot lie, some officers give people a reason to hate them, but some don’t do anything wrong.

My grandpa was discriminated against because he was a police officer. He has also been slapped for it, even though he hasn’t done anything wrong, but that doesn't matter to average people. They only think about the people that died, but the truth is they should listen to the police and not egg them on.

In the past ten years, the average increase of policemen dying is 49.6 percent each year because of unruly citizens. What is the difference between the police officers and people who won’t listen to the law?  The police only use force on the protesters because they have to, not because they want to.  Although I think some officers want to use tear gas, which is worse than pepper spray. Over the summer, my grandpa had to pull out his concealed pistol because we thought a lady had a gun.

What is the difference between citizens who don’t abide by the law and officers of the police force? Answer that for me and make your argument. If you can’t, then my case is closed. I think law abiding officers are worth more than people who don’t abide by the law.  Yes, I get it some have families, but if they want to live a happy life with their families, they shouldn't commit crimes.

Everyone has reasons for what they do, but one thing that is inexcusable is murdering an innocent man (or woman) of the law without reason.  That is worse than a man who thinks they are beyond the law and will not listen to reason and will go out of their way to be above the law.

And that is my argument.  If you have the time and you can read this, try to make an argument to contradict me. That is all I ask.

Sincerely from your citizen,


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