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My Letter To The Next President

My letter to the next president is about a topic I very much care about. I feel that gun control needs to called upon and change the laws in how we can use it. I believe the second amendment is not the second amendment anymore.

Dear Next President,

I don’t need to tell you what is obviously going on in now your country. I would, on the other hand, would like to express my concerns over something very important to me and my family. Guns and all the privileges that have come with them, have been stretched beyond the point where the second amendment is not the second amendment anymore. We as humans believe we can do anything in the world, but it’s humorous how a single bug can wipe out the entire human race. I’m not here to write to you about what we can not do, but what we can do to make a change, and I believe this change can be made with your help. People have taken the second amendment and translated it to the right to go into a school and hurt innocent people and children. Not all people see it that way, but how long is it going to take for someone to put some sort of action against that un-human behavior? According to CBS News online, in the U.S., gun-related murder rate is 25 times higher than 22 other high-income nations. The United States also has a similar suicide rate to other countries, but the gun-related suicide rate is 8 times higher. You may or may have not already known that information, but what can I do? What can you do? Something can be done, there could be something done to where whoever has a gun has to take a test to see what their true intentions are for using it. This also couldn’t eliminate the suicide rate overall, but it would maybe have to force people to have to look for a different way, which could take minutes, and minutes saves lives.

A good point made by “American”, was that the second amendment does not necessary give individual rights. You obviously shouldn’t be allowed to give a gun to just anyone, it gives the right to people who choose to obey the laws, not the ones who disobey or are careless in their actions. It’s awful to think how people think that if they havenœ a gun, then they can do whatever they want with it. It’s sad to see my aunt have to worry to send her young and older children and I to school everyday, school is supposed to be a place of education and trust that people will be protected. It’s not just my family, it’s families everywhere. “The New York Times” wrote about how shootings mostly happen in the lower class areas of cities. It’s also rarely a singled out person, it’s usually a large mass of singily divided different ethnicities of people. I may only be one person, one voice, but how do things change? A voice is heard. Mr. or Mrs. President, what is going to be done about gun control? I will forever be grateful, if I do not have to see worry in my aunt’s face any more. I am putting my trust into your hands, thank you.


Alexandria T.

Avondale High School

Avondale High School

Honors English 10

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