Mackenzie W. Indiana


I am talking about how we should not have abortion in this world.

Dear future president, 

       Why do you care about this issue? I care about this issue because we need to stop killing babies before they are even born! Why are we killing them? Is it because you guys are too young or that you guys don't know how to take care of the baby. You can learn from reading about it or even ask your parents about it because they had you. You were a baby once too! 

     What is your opinion/ suggestions? My opinion/ suggestions about this issue is we need to stop doing it all together. If we stopped doing/ having abortion all together then there would be more people in this world. If you really think about it you were a kid once too. What if your parents didn't want you and got rid of you! The world would be way different. 

    Why should people care about this issue? People should care about this issue because we don't want babies to keep dying! Everyone that is alive right now was once a kid too. Image you weren't born, you won't have the friends you do now, you wouldn't have your job and if you had kids you wouldn't have them either. We should not be having abortions. 

                                                                                                                                 Yours truly, Mackenzie