Jonah K. Ohio


People have been rioting in the streets. People these days are discriminating others all over the world and some even though they can't help how they look.They are being treated very poorly and it is unfair.

Dear Future President :

Racial discrimination is everywhere and affecting many people .Racial Discrimination is a big problem in america and the world need to come together and fight this problem.This is happening everywhere in the world and this is affecting many people and how they live their daily lives.

Many people were treated poorly many years ago and now it is illegal but people still do it now but in many different ways, like what has been happening recently is people are starting to protest because their has been shooting where officers are killing African Americans and people are protesting and officers are starting to get arrested.Around the world this is happening as well, muslims for example are getting bad reputations because of terrorists.This is awful because not all muslims are bad and the world is being stereotypical and that needs to change.

This affects people in many different ways.Many people are dying from this because all that is happening around them and the stress there's so much of it, it is affecting their lives. The ways some people are dying is because these people have the right to protest but peacefully and they are not doing that, their has been violence and then the cops have tried to fight back and then people end up getting hurt.Then the community blames it on the cops and then one cop ends up getting arrested.

Racial discrimination is illegal and their are laws for it.These laws state that everybody should be treated equally and have equal rights to everybody else and everybody has the same opportunities such as jobs.Some other ways you can prevent this from happening is if you are educated about the topic so you know what this is and what you can do to help Racial Discrimination.Another way is if you know about Racial discrimination you can try to raise awareness and make a fundraiser to try to spread the word about racial discrimination.

Racial Discrimination is devastating and disrespectful and we need to do something about it.We have come a long way but the world needs to come together and fight this problem!If we don’t this problem will just get worse and worse.A Lot of people are coming together to that to help these people that are in need.This problem also affects many people as well, if we don't do anything people will continue to get hurt and continue to be scared, let’s come together and fight Racial Discrimination.


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