Catherine B. Louisiana

Gun Control

Gun control in the United States is at a minimum, and we need to create more laws to strengthen our country.

Dear Future President:

Gun control in our country concerns citizens in the United States. Right now, it takes longer to get an abortion than to buy an assault rifle, according to an article on the Rolling Stone (Stuart). “For an abortion, it takes about two weeks to have the procedure done after counseling. To obtain an assault rifle, it takes about one to two hours. Considering these are both killing weapons, that is absurd,” exclaims Stuart (Stuart).

Americans may argue that assault weapons are for self-defense, and it is a constitutional right to own one. Making it harder to obtain these devices would improve our country. People who purchase assault weapons for self-defense should be willing to go through more thorough background checks. With more background checks, these people would not even need to use these weapons! The guns would not be falling into the wrong hands, which would decrease the need for self-defense.

On average, there are two hundred and forty eight deaths a month in the United States from assault rifles (US Murders by Weapon Type). With more background checks and stricter policies on who is allowed to purchase guns, our country will be safer. It will be a solution to a rising problem that needs to be addressed.


Catherine Bonaventure


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