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Abortion is an impending issue for American's in the near future.

Dear Future President:

The topic of abortion is polarizing. Many contemplate the government’s right to dictate what is right for their body. The current law is that abortion is legal up until the twenty-eighth week of pregnancy. In Louisiana, the laws restricting abortion are getting stronger. This change in legislation could result in the closure of the last five abortion clinics in this region. In these facilities, women are able to obtain safe and legal abortions, with zero judgement and total confidentiality. If Roe v. Wade were to be overturned, the optional termination of pregnancies would now be illegal.

The American government should find a way to insure that the United States remains pro-choice. If our constitution states that Americans have the right to “life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness,” it is paramount that women have the liberty to choose what happens with their bodies. Most people find it hard to comprehend why women would think that “killing their child” could ever be a reasonable option. Some examples of cases where abortion is a medical option are: fetal problems, the conception of the child through rape or incest, and life threatening health problems for the mother of the child.

There needs to be a societal shift in feelings of judgement toward women who have abortions. The emphasis here is a societal shift. A woman should have the right to choose the fate of her unborn child and the government standards that are dictated by political opinions shouldn’t prevent proper, safe, and legal medical care.

Respectfully Yours,

Bailey Hyatt

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