Wyatt B. Wisconsin

Gun Control

My opinion on Gun Control.

Dear Future President,

Please enforce gun control to protect American citizens and make them feel safer.

One reason to support my opinion on gun control is so that American citizens have a weapon for self defense. An example to support this reason is that they will feel safer if they have a weapon to protect themselves, friends, or other family. Another reason that gun control should be strengthened is so it is harder for terrorists or the mentally ill to get hands on a gun. An example to support this opinion is  that people should have to go through a more complex background check for private weapon sales or gun show sales. This will help to prevent the wrong people from getting guns. The third reason is making it harder for burglars to steal guns. One way this would happen is that gun owners would have to have a gun safe or a lock so the guns couldn't be stolen. 

After there changes have been made, the Americans citizens should and will feel more protected and safer. Hopefully this will lead to preventing terrorism in the future.