Kennedy A. Iowa

Gun Control

Certain measures should be taken when buying and when having a gun.

Dear Sir or Madam President,

I do not know your opinion on the topic of gun control, but I’m sure you have great reasoning for your choice. I for one believe that every person has the right to bear arms, to an extent. I understand that some individuals are unfit to handle objects that can have such grave consequences, but, in saying that, it is not beneficial to take the right away from everyone.

When people can’t think straight they aren’t always themselves. For this reason, some people are not mentally capable to use a powerful weapon. Some may say that this is discrimination, but if we want to up the safety in our country some unfair gestures will have to be made.

If there are guns in a household where children are present they should be locked away and with a trigger lock. As we all know children have accidents, along with everyone else. Gun are dangerous even in the hands of experienced people, but even more dangerous in the hands of a child. If the weapons are put away then there will be a less likely chance for them to get in the hands of small children.

Another precaution that should be taken are a series of tests along with gun education. These classes and tests would be outside of the mandatory hunter safety classes. There would then be a chance for the owners of these weapons to be further educated than by just reading the warning labels.

I’m not a naive person, I do not think that by doing these three things gun violence and accidents will be eliminated. I do, however, believe that if these steps are taken, along with others, that the amount of gun related injuries and deaths will be cut down. If guns are for some reason taken away from citizens that will not stop people from killing others, because guns don't kill people, people do.

Thank you for your time, I look forward to what you decide for this topic in the future.

Kennedy A.

Panorama High School